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olennatryrell asked: Hi there! I'm making a Samhain playlist on 8tracks, and I need cover art for it. I love your altar, and I was wondering if you had any objections to me using one of your altar pics as the cover art? Please let me know, thank you <3

Sure that would be wonderful love! Happy holidays, blessed be

bardmarley asked: Hello! That The Local Prophet newspaper from the Harry Potter Festival - do you know where I could get one? Do they have a website? The date in that photo is my birthday and it'd be awesome so have hahah :)

They were giving them away on the streets in Chesnut Hill, PA. Here is a link to a PDF file of the paper ;) Happy Birthday!!!

Hello out there to all you wonderful people! I am giving some treats away on my Instagram account (@hazypaisley) to celebrate Samhain! Check it out if you like free stuff!
My Samhain Altar - Side View
Overview of my Samhain Altar
My Samhain Altar 
Harry Potter Festival 
Spent the day in Transfiguration Class with my favorite Head Mistress, Professor Mcgonagle! 

Harry Potter Festival 2014 Chestnut Hill, PA

Scrying is a method of divination where one would gaze upon something with a surface that is polished, reflects light, or somewhat translucent. Most stereotyped would be the crystal ball, in which the fortune teller would concentrate on the crystal and be able to see into the future. Other forms of scrying include, but are not limited to, mirrors, flames, water (as shown above), smoke, and oils. In most cases scrying is used to achieve clairvoyance, or to perceive future events beyond sensory contact. 
Sky above me.Earth below me.Fire within me.
The Moon has awoken,
With the sleep of the sun.
Light has been broken,
The spell has begun.