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luciferslittleangel69 asked: I know you get this a lot but your blog is just omg:) I'm new to wicca and Ur so inspirational and amazingly beautiful!

I’m glad you find the things I offer inspirational! Good luck on your journey sister! Blessed be!

drivenn-insane asked: ILOVEYOURBLOG <3

Thank you! It love you too!

turkuc-podjadek asked: Hi dear! I just wanted to say that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen ;)

That is far TOO kind! Thank you ladybug :)

farasar asked: Oh i scrollt down 8500 notes to say you are the most beautiful dreadhead i ever see

That is so sweet of you! <3 Thank you love!


Creepy Scary Horror Fun by Sidney Crawlspace (CAUTION!)
Zdzislaw Beksinski collection, 33 of 101

lilmoondoll asked: Hi beautiful, i wondered how often do u wash ur dreads?

Every day with Doc Broners organic soap and then with rose oil and lavendar

sinti-love asked: Hi! I just came across your post about why you use the word "gypsy" and it really meant a lot to me to see that someone else shares my sentiments! I'm Sinti and from the Bohemia area of the Czech Republic I'm tired of people telling me what I should be offended by, especially since gypsy as a slur is only a modern idea and is the same thing as saying American Indian. That's all love, carry on!

That awesome! It’s so wonderful when people know their families origin and history! Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself, being proud of WHO and WHAT you are is a beautiful thing! My ancestors we Pavee gypsies and I wouldn’t change who they were and who they allowed me to become for the world! Comforting to know I am not alone in trying to reallocate this “slur” into a loving connotation for a people and culture with a rich and vibrant history! Much love <3

lilmoondoll asked: What's your favorite food and music? and do you drink alcohol?

I love fresh fruit and vegetables! Falafel is my number one favorite food - I like chickpeas and hummus so much I named my cat Garbanzo Bean :3 I love the blues! I also love jam bands like lettuce and dopapod, live music is always the best! I actually don’t drink alcohol at all. I smoke a lot of cannabis but I am small and last time I drank I had a really hard time metabolizing it and  I thought I lost my fairy powers. I was so sad about it I never drank again!

extraterrestrialhitchhiker asked: Is that you in your icon? Wonderful luscious head of locks you have, if so.

Yes it is & thank you!


~ John Muir


The etymology of the word “Lullaby” stems from the legend of Lilith claims that she was Adam’s first wife (before Eve), but she was corrupted and left Adam, and she also threatened to murder human babies. It was believed that infants who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or “crib death” as we know it) were murdered by the evil spirit of the night hag Lilith in their sleep. The word “lullaby” comes from a shortened version of the phrase “Lilith BE GONE” and has since come to refer to the comforting songs that many of us may remember hearing other people sing to babies over the years.


Ecate. Prayer or Invocation to Ecate:
Virgin, Mother and Crone. Goddess of the crossroads. Protectress of the street. Protectress of wayfarers. Keeper of secrets. Keeper of the edges. Keeper of the keys. Teacher of magic. Teacher of wisdom. Tracher of herbal use. Guardian of Universal Order. Announced by the barking of dogs,  Three forms, three faces and three names,  Dog, snake and owl,  Light in the darkness, Guide me and Protect me, With your torch and your crocus mantle.

h a x a n by vvitch on Flickr.